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Like all of you who have requested to hear this music, I too was a huge fan of the show and was so sorry to see it end.
It was a joy to be a part of it. I miss the show and all of the wonderful crew I worked with. These cues represent my favorites.

Unfortunately this music is not for sale anywhere and there are no plans for a soundtrack release as originally thought. Have a listen... Enjoy!


Thanks to so many of you that have asked to hear score from the show. I'm in some familiar creative territory back working with my friends at Piller/Segan/Shepherd, the producers that brought us "The Dead Zone" and "Wildfire" among others. I'm having a great time on the series and am really looking forward to Season 4!

There is potential for a score soundtrack in the near future. That's all I'll say for now and fingers crossed! I'll keep my site updated with the very latest.

Another big part of the music on the show is the original songs from Sweet Talk Radio. Check them out at:

Haven airs on SyFy in the United States, and Showcase in Canada. Also check for it worldwide in your local area.


Season 1 soundtrack now available on itunes!
Season 2 soundtrack now available on itunes!
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